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The reefuge is a marine aquarium social network that provides tools for businesses and individuals in the reef aquarium hobby. Save on meanwell power supplies, led drivers and psus from authorised uk distributor dcdc led drivers dcdc converters javascript seems to be disabled in your browser. I know this is a few months old but i wanted to toss out a word of caution to anyone considering controlling the mean well ldd series drivers with an arduino for use over a saltwater reef aquarium. If you lose connectivity between the drivers and the. Mean well has developed a wide line of led drivers with advanced dimming features for led lighting. High power led driver testing using arduino controller. Drivers attach to the board via dip sockets for quick and easy installation.

The input to an ldd driver and thus the ldd h4 board must be between 956vdc. I have seen many sketches using the 555 to dim a led but in these cases the led was part of the circuit. The 1200 and 1500ma models do not come in the smd style, only the wire and bottom pin connection type. I have a separate 48v 300w psu going to that pcb to run the drivers and leds, and i have the dimmer pin on the drivers running to pwm pins 8,9,10 and 11 on my arduino mega. But for some reason, when provide my 12v power to the ldd driver, it automatically turns the leds on. This 3in1 dimming allows for the user to dim leds with. Lm338k or mean well lddh for flicker free 3w led driver. Ive had an arduino sitting around for about a year and half, and i always swore to myself i would learn to program with it.

Mean well led drivers offer dimming features to fit the demand for modern lighting control. Ldd type number of leds connected to ldd forward voltage of each led default 3. I am making a fish tank light unit and have four meanwell ldd 700h drivers on a pcb made for this purpose. May 28, 2016 the se45036 is 88% x ldd h 97% 85% vs. Connect it to a v screw terminal on the power supply. I have tested and it is definitely the ldd drivers causing the destruction. Ldd 4 driver board this is a 4channel pcb carrier board for the popular meanwell ldd h series of pwm constant current drivers. Order mean well lddhw from sager, an authorized distributor of led driver dcdc converters dcdc converters product. Onoff functin for meanwell hlg style drivers using dimming. The ldd driver has a minimum voltage drop of 3v to function properly. Trc is the usa stocking headquarters of mean well ldd h led dcdc converters. I have a mega 2560 r3, coralux x5 board and meanwell ldds installed. A wide range of output current options are available from 300ma to 1a. When the pin is set to zero i get no voltage out, but when anything greater than zero is set, the voltage is 46.

These buck converters feature 936v dc input and 232v dc output ldd l or 956v dc input and 252v dc output ldd h. Order mean well ldd 500hw led power supply online or call today for exceptional customer service. Use this 4 channel board to connect up to 4 meanwell ldd h series drivers without having to solder or use wire nuts. Order mean well ldd hw from sager, an authorized distributor of led driver dcdc converters dcdc converters product. This is a little test video i made using meanwell ldd h and bridgelux bxra40e2200 neutral white array. Does anyone happen to have a snippet of code for using an arduino to control the meanwell ldd h drivers. These are carrier boards that greatly simplify the installation and integration of meanwell lddh constant current led drivers. The led buck converters feature 956vdc input and output 252vdc.

By choosing the appropriate ldd, you can choose the current your leds are run at. Mean wells ldd h series dcdc led drivers offer constant current mode output. It can share the same terminal that the ldd driver is using, or another one of the screw terminals. Lddh mean well ledstromversorgung 956vin 252vout ma. Comes with attached push terminals for super quick installation and modifications. Many models like the hlg, npf and lpf are built with mean wells 3in1 dimming feature. Everything meanwell is awesome, but these stick out. The mean well ldd h series comes in 3 different connection types. The standard is a pin version, w is the wired version and s is the smd version where the pins are on the sides. Order mean well ldd h from sager, an authorized distributor of led driver dcdc converters dcdc converters product. The best advance is that the driver starts from 0 value. I have it connected exactly how you show in the schematic.

Lddh series mean well stepdown mode cc dcdc led drivers. Coralux meanwell ldd h pcb driver board intro duration. Rapid led mean well ldd h4 board quick start guide. Ldd1500h mean well lddh stepdown 1500ma cc pinned dc led. Arduino pwm to meanwell lddh code diy projects nanoreef. Coralux meanwell lddh pcb driver board intro duration. Mean well has developed lpf, hlg and hln series with advance 3in1 dimming feature. Mean well lddh ledtreiber konstantstrom 52 w 1 a 2 52 vdc dimmbar. The array itself is very powerful, so its not going to dim to moonlight brightness, but regular 3w leds do.

These low voltage drivers come in a wide range of output drive current options. Led drivers 956vin 252vout ma led driver online from elcodis, view and download ldd h pdf datasheet, display, monitor interface controller specifications. Now that ive finally started getting back into aquariums, i want to give making a controller for my freshwater tank. Jun 28, 2014 im having trouble controlling the ldd drivers with the pwm signal. Trc is the usa stocking headquarters of mean well ldd 500hw led dcdc converters. Accelerated learning gamma waves for focus, memory, concentration binaural beats focus music duration. Order mean well ldd h led power supply online or call today for exceptional customer service.

Meanwell ldd h led driver download when you register your account, you will have an address book, in which you can store multiple addresses and. Per growmau5 video you can wire up a 5v10v booster for your pwm signal coming out of the arduino for hlg b series. Coralux meanwell lddh pcb driver board intro youtube. The problem i have is occasionally a driver might fail and send back high 48v to the io pin frying the arduino completely. Pwm for up to 8 meanwell ldd700hw drivers arduino forum. As a starting point, look up the ps2501x x is the number of pwm pins you want to protect series. Arduino uno and meanwell lddh lightning effect youtube. Everything works perfectly accept for controlling the mean well ldd h s. Meanwell, alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. Ta400255071855025 datasheet search, datasheets, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes and other semiconductors.

Meanwell lddh series drivers are available in 300ma, 500ma, 700ma, and 1amp. This means if the input is 45vdc, the maximum voltage output is 45vdc3vdc 42vdc. Hello, i know for a fact that lm338 as constant current source is flicker free as led driver, but it heats up and is not power efficient. The black wire from the jumper shares a common ground with the ldd driver. Jul 18, 2014 ldd h lightning effect with arduino uno. See your led product page or data sheet to determine the run current for a particular led.

If you have a ground wire like the storm controller, insert this into a v input. High efficiency dimmable buck converters offer constant current mode output. You do get the easily implemented pwm digital control and some initial cost savings, but at a tradeoff for efficiency. Diy meanwell ldd constant current led drivers page 15. Ldd series led drivers mean well ldd dcdc converters are constant current mode drivers designed for led applications. Use it to build up your custom drivers using the meanwell ldd h series of buck drivers. Can you use adafruit 16channel pwm with meanwell lddh.

The grabcad library offers millions of free cad designs, cad files, and 3d models. Dcdc constant current led driver, ldd h datasheet, ldd h circuit, ldd h data sheet. Constant current mode output output or 956vdc input and 252vdc output. Join the grabcad community today to gain access and download. Mean well elg7542ab3y ledtreiber konstantspannung 76. Diy meanwell ldd constant current led drivers page 11. Mean well lddhw driver, se35048 power supply and coralux.

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